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Although researched to the best of the administrators ability to verify information presented here, the views expressed here are solely those of individuals and don't necessarily represent the views of the Whatcom County...Uncovered website.

Occasionally, writers may write under a pseudonym to protect their identities and themselves from retaliatory actions. Profane, libelous, defamatory or commercial messages will be deleted. Users who abuse the system will be banned. To contact us or report abuse, email admin@whatcomuncovered.com , or to provide a guest editorial or investigative report, email 

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WC...U respects and understands the need for privacy and confidentiality and will never divulge the sources of any information provided without the specific expressed consent from those sources for each instance information is used. WC...also understands and respects the need for privacy and confidentiality in regards to personal conversations or casual communications and will not print anything without specific consent from those persons.

All email, fax, or otherwise written communications are considered to have been provided by consent, according to law, unless otherwise stipulated.

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