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 05-28-15: WC...U Follow-Up: The EHM Case Finale
(Since there wasn't so much as a whisper of this in local 'media.') 

HR 1943 Bill Signing: The Official Photograph

The Governor's Office, Olympia, Washington, May 18th, 2015

I could (and have) said a lot about the state EHM problems leading to this moment, but I'll put that aside now as a completed objective.

My heartfelt gratitude and personal thanks goes out to Scott Roberts and Glen Morgan of the Freedom Foundation, for investigating what I reported to them and for bringing the necessary scrutiny to this issue that ultimately led to the needed changes.

This is Governor Inslee signing into law the bill, HR1943, that passed unanimously through the Washington State Legislature. It was great to see legislators from both parties put aside partisanship to fix a serious public safety problem.

The new law defines, closes the existing loopholes and tightens regulations on existing electronic home monitoring (EHM) law, without creating new law. The perfect way to handle a problem such as this.

Fortunately, Scott and Glen, as well as the entire state legislature and Gov. Inslee, saw through the veil of deceit that Whatcom County officials threw up and around this issue.

I'm so very grateful for that and I now stand a vindicated man now for it.

Best regards,

     Paul Murphy

PS: Please excuse my 'RV wear.' We were literally enroute back home from a 2 week RV vacation through the Midwest when I got the call about the bill signing.

05-28-15: WC...U Follow-Up: EHM Letter To The Editor

A letter from my number 1 supporter to the Bellingham Herald.

I doubt they will print it because the Herald are in the business of appearances and protecting establishment status quo, not 'news,' but we'll see.

Also, don't expect any acknowledgement from Elfo or McEachran. Both went into full self-protection/denial mode and buried incriminating evidence that proved what I reported. Fortunately, the Freedom Foundation, the State Legislature and Governor Inslee saw through all of that.

It's also bears noting that County Executive Jack Louws also joined Elfo and McEachran in denying what was reported and declined my formal whistleblower complaints, citing incorrect law in his denials. The whistleblower aspect remains unaddressed and unresolved by Whatcom County officials to this day.

The letter...

"Dear Herald,

Undoubtedly sending you this missive is akin to beating my head against the wall, but beat away I shall. Yesterday, my husband was one of five men surrounding Gov. Inslee as he signed House Bill 1943 into law. My husband was the whistleblower who provided the information to the Freedom Foundation about the systemic fraud and abuse occurring with electronic home monitoring, aka, ankle bracelets.

My husband, Paul Murphy uncovered this fraud when he was a detective with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s office. The problem was so deep and wide spread that the local FBI agent was brought on board the investigation. When my husband was two weeks away from getting warrants issued against the bail bond companies involved with the abuse, Sheriff Elfo quashed the investigation. He ordered my husband to turn in all his files on the investigation and booted him out of detectives, back to patrol. As soon as it was feasible, the Sheriff fired my husband. We fought back. The County had to cough up 300k for wrongful termination.

In my opinion, Sheriff Elfo and Dave McEachran have blood on their hands. They had the opportunity to bring this problem to the light of day back in 2008. They chose to hide it instead. They protected their pride instead of us. It took my husband, the Freedom Foundation, Rep. Matt Shea, Rep. Roger Goodman, and King 5 News to fix the problem."

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